What is brown fused alumina? Brown Fused Alumina is commonly known as brown corundum or BFA , which is a brown artificial corundum produced by melting three kinds of raw material, bauxite, carbon material and iron filings in an electric arc furnace.  Brown Fused Alumina also divided into (FEPA) F, P, (JIS GB) W and other specifications.

After scientific analysis, it is known that the main chemical composition of brown corundum is AL2O3 with content 95.00% -97.00%, and it also contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti and so on. The different specifications are mainly due to the difference in iron content and the difference in grits after crushing into sand. In addition, according to the difference in grit and particle size, there will be a distinction between FEPA Grit (F24, P180 for example) and Section Sand (0-1mm, 3-5mm for example) for different applications used in various industrial field.

FEPA Grit: Corundum used for abrasives, such as F24 , F80, F220, P60, P120, P1000, the partical size distribution range used as abrasive is narrow within 80% of the mesh.

Section Sand: Corundum used for refractories, such as 1-3(mm), 3-5(mm), 5-8(mm), 0-1(mm), the partical size distribution range used as refractories is wide within the mesh.

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