Bonded abrasives are natural or synthetic abrasives grains “bonded” into a solid form, usually in the shape of a wheel. Bonded abrasives are made up of abrasive grains that are closely sized and pressed or molded into a wide variety of products such as grinding wheels, honing stones and plugs. Bonded abrasives products also include grinding and cut-off wheels, snagging wheels, segments, mounted wheels, sharpening stones, plugs and cones. The abrasive grains can be mixed with a clay-feldspar bond ( vitrified ) or with a hard synthetic resin bond ( resinoid ) and poured into a mold, pressed and then fired at high temperatures in order to bind the abrasive grains together.

Bonded Abrasives come in thousands of shapes and sizes and are made from different abrasive grains depending on the types of bonded abrasives needed and the specific application required. Vitrified-or synthetic-wheels are made of a clay-based binder for precision grinding, sharpening, and lapping applications in the automotive, aerospace, and machine tool sectors. Organic- or natural-wheels use a polymerized resin-based binder for cutting and forming applications in market such as primary metals, welding, and metal fabrication. Organic wheels can also be used to obtain very precise dimensions in rolling mill cylinders.